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Tennnis Logan City


1. Format: Exactly 7pm start for all Fixtures.

Monday Tuesday Thursday
4 Players 3 Players 2 Players
6 Sets 6 Sets 5 Sets
1&2 v 1&2 1 v 1 Doubles
3&4 v 3&4 2&3 v 2&3 1 v 1
1&3 v 1&3 2 v 2 2 v 2
2&4 v 2&4 1&3 v 1&3 1 v 2
1&4 v 1&4 3 v 3 2 v 1
2&3 v 2&3 1&2 v 1&2  
2 subs allowed 1 sub allowed No subs allowed
Cost $13.00 per player Cost $15.00 per player Cost $17.00 per Player


Nomination of fixture teams. At the beginning of each fixture season every player nominated in a team must have his or her Christian and surname, and contact phone number recorded on the nomination forms. (Rule applies to late registrations as well). Court owners phone number will not be accepted. No points given to any team failing to comply. This is to assist the committee to contact players when situations arise which necessitates the committee to contact the Captain or players. The responsibility for the collection of Registration fees lies with Court Owner/Manager from the centre that a team is playing from as home team. Such registration fees are to be paid to the Treasurer at the commencement of each new playing season. The Committee has the right to return nomination forms to any centre that does not comply with nomination rules.

REGISTRATION. Each team must register with T.L.C. at the beginning of the season. A player may only play in a team 4 times before he or she must register and pay the current registration fee. If a team plays an unregistered player more than 4 times it will lose those sets concerned. If the registration fee is not paid on the 5 th night of play in the sme team points from the 5 th match onwards will be lost. No unregistered player will be allowed to play in semis or finals. Should a centre have a player playing on 3 nights, 1st night is full registration fee, 2 nd is a reduced fee and 3 rd night is free. Note: The player must be playing all fixture matches from the same centre to receive the concessions, and have played 5matches and be registered 2 weeks prior to semi-finals. Any registrations other than outlined above must be referred to the relevant committee for clarification. Any player who has not paid their registration during the previous season will not be permitted to participate in the following fixture season. Junior players 12 years of age can play senior night fixtures, provided their standard is of the standard being played.

4. Captains Responsibility. ) Collect score cards and balls from centre where match is being played. (b Fill out score card clearly, 1 st and 2 nd names must be on sheet at least once including subs . Failure to comply with names on score cards will result in loss of points earned by such players. Will only be re-instated if and when card is correctly completed and returned to Results Secretary.(c) Collect your teams fees early and pay court owner by 8.30Pm. (d) Sign card at the end of the match and check with opposing Captain for accuracy and return card and balls to court owner. Results Secretary records results as listed on relevant cards. Ensure that home and away teams names and scores are recorded on correct side of result card. Semi finals and finals teams will toss for home and away before the match starts in presence of Captains, Court owner or designated person for the night.

5. Conduct of Matches. All matches start 7Pm sharp. If a team is not in position to start any match by 7.15Pm, (not necessarily in order), it will forfeit a set. Should a situation arise where play cannot start on time, arrangements between captains and court owner could amicably resolve the situation. For singles play a team must supply a ball boy, alternating duties each set. All matches must cease at exactly 10.30Pm no later. The team in front at the time based on games is the winner, provided 4 sets have been completed, Monday and Tuesday, 3 sets Thursday.

6. Forfeits. If a team forfeits in any fixture the Captain must as early as possible take the following action urgently. (a) Advise the court owner where the match was to be played. (b) Pay full court cost to that centre before the completion of 2 more fixture matches. Failure to pay court costs will see that team given no points until such time that costs are met. (c) Before forfeiting make every effort to find a sub, ask court owner for help.

7. Dress. Players are asked to dress in proper tennis clothes e.g. Men must wear a suitable shirt. All players must wear non marking tennis shoes. Court owners have the right to refuse players without proper attire.

8. Wet Matches. If a match is doubtful, contact court owners at 6.15 or 6.30Pm to find out their decision. Do not assume a match is wet. Court owners will decide if the court is playable. Points for wet matches will be awarded as the season progresses and the teams will receive average points for that match. If a match is rained out during the fixture, it will be deemed wet if 4 sets are not completed Monday Tuesday, 3 sets Thursday. Once a match starts, the court owner is entitled to charge a ball and court fee. At 9.00Pm full court costs will be charged for night fixtures.

9. Points. Teams will receive 6 points for winning a match based on games won. 2 points awarded to the losing team. The teams will also receive .1 of a point for each game won, i.e. 36 points to 25 points becomes 9.6 winner, 4.5 loser. In the event of a draw, each team will get 4 points with .1 for each game won. A draw is, both teams are equal with games and sets. In the event of this happening in a semi-final or final, the last players on court will play a 12 point tie breaker to decide the match. Should a team field 3 subs or 3 unregistered players Monday or Tuesday, 2 points will be allocated for fielding a team. Thursday permitted 2 subs 3 times, after that 2 points only allocated. Should substitute players eventually become registered in that team, points will not be back dated for their previous substitute status as unregistered players.

10. Substitute Players. A player may substitute for a team 4 times, on the 5 th match played they must register with that team, (see rule 3 Re Registration of subs), subs must come from a lower grade on the same night or equivalent grade on a different night of the fixture, such sub must not come from a team that is registered in the same section as is being played. E.g. lowest grade Thursday night must take players from an equivalent grade Monday or Tuesday, (If in doubt contact Fixture committee). If a team is found to have played a sub in breach of rules, that team will forfeit those sets played by the sub . To avoid forfeits, if having trouble, contact court owner for help. Players will not be allowed under any circumstances to play in 2 different teams on the same night.

11. Semi-Final . These matches will be played at the end of the season. In all fixtures, the 1st team on points will play 4 th , 2 nd will play 3 rd . Winners will meet in the grand final. For a player to be eligible for the semis and finals they must (a) Have completed 4 matches in that team, (b) Be registered player of T.L.C. 2 weeks prior to semi-finals . In the event of a team member being unable to play the semis/finals, a registered and financial substitute from a lower section on any night may be played. The appropriate sub committee must be notified before the match is played and permission must be given by the relevant committee. The substitute must be from a team that is not involved in the semis/finals. If the centre does not have a team in a lower section that is not involved in the semis/finals, a player may be sought from another centre with that centres permission. If in doubt over the eligibility over any player contact fixture committee concerned. Should any team have an unregistered player who has played 5 times in a team, the team will not be permitted to participate in semi-finals/finals.

12. Fixture Committee and Court owners . If you have any questions regarding the rules or progress of your team, contact either of the above and clarify your problem.

13 Late Teams. Teams entering a season late will be allocated average points for the first 3 matches prior to their joining.

14. Withdrawal of teams. A fee of $50.00 will be paid to T.L.C. by any team that withdraws from any fixture after the draw has been published.

15. Complaints. Any member of the organization who wishes to make a complaint in respect of any aspect of fixture competition, MUST submit their complaint inWRITING to the Secretary, for such complaint to be investigated and considered by the relevant Committee. No Complaint accepted unless in writing.

16. Conduct and making of rules for the successful operation of fixture competition. The Executive and fixture committee members of Tennis Logan City Inc. have the right to make and apply rules for the organization to run a successful, fair and satisfactory program of fixtures, applying the rules of Tennis Logan City, the rules and conduct of tennis generally, which should be respected by all participants. Unsportsmanship will not be tolerated. Court owners have the right to remove any player or spectator from their premises for what they deem to be unruly behaviour.


Rules partly updated February, 2015.

Note amendment:- to rule 3, 10 and 11. (refers to registration of late players and eligibility to semi-finals and finals.

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